About Us

OneProtein was established to overcome three big challenges that customers experience when buying supplements and sports nutrition in Kenya: (1) extremely high prices; (2) complicated and confusing product descriptions; (3) inconsistent product availability. We are here to change that.

Good nutrition, whatever your goal

More and more people are becoming interested in going to gyms, attending fitness classes, and participating in sports and endurance events. New gyms, fitness centres and outdoor activities are constantly opening across Nairobi, and we are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of leading an active lifestyle.

Whether your objective is to build muscle, increase strength, improve your fitness or reduce weight, a balanced diet and good nutrition are a fundamental part of achieving those goals. Our mission is to make the highest quality supplements accessible to as many people as possible.

Keeping it simple

We are a dedicated online store selling premium quality supplements and sports nutrition at affordable prices. We are a Kenyan company with a simple philosophy to simplify every aspect of our customers’ experience, in an often confusing industry.

As consumers of supplements ourselves, we are often confused by the products we see in the market today. Hollywood-style product names and overly-busy packaging make it difficult to know what some supplements actually are. Cryptic product descriptions confuse what supplements do. And the lack of transparency with nutritional information makes it impossible to know what supplements contain. As consumers, we avoid these products. As retailers, we avoid these products.

OneProtein only sells premium quality products. And we only sell products with clear and transparent descriptions. Simple. Our prices are amongst the lowest in Nairobi. And we offer a free same-day delivery service, 7 days a week so you never have to wait for results!

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Thank you,
The OneProtein Team