How to make a mass gainer

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The objective of mass gainers is in the name – to help you gain mass. And the way to add mass is to put your body in a calorie surplus. In other words, consume more calories than you burn. Mass gainers are designed to pack a large number of calories into a single serving. They are a blend of carbohydrates and protein in a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1, and sometimes up to 5:1 (usually in lower quality products).

While commercial mass gainers are loaded with carbs (which are far cheaper than protein, particularly whey protein), they tend to be very expensive. But high-quality carbs are easily available and at low cost, so why waste money? Make your own mass gainer!

Watch our one-minute video to find out how to make a mass gainer. Need a reason? We have four.

Four reasons to make your own mass gainer

Reason 1 – Cost. Our home-made mass gainer costs Ksh 164 and provides 800 calories, 47g protein, 80g carbs and 34g of high-quality fats. An 800-calorie serving of a commercial mass gainer costs Ksh 400-600; a 47g-protein serving costs Ksh 500-900!

Reason 2 – Carbs-to-Protein Ratio. Our DIY gainer has a carbs-to-protein ratio of 1.7 to 1. Four of the most popular mass gainers available in Kenya have ratios of 5 to 1 (they load up on cheap carbs and charge you a premium price).

Reason 3 – Type of Carbs. The majority of the carbs in our DIY gainer come from oats and banana – both low-GI, slow-releasing energy sources. The four most popular mass gainers in Kenya use predominantly maltodextrin – a low-cost artificial sugar that spikes blood sugar levels more than table sugar (read our blog, Maltodextrin: a sugar in disguise).

Reason 4 – Buy Local Products. The only ingredient that needs to be imported is whey protein – why pay a premium for carbs that we produce locally?

Ingredients, quantity, cost and macros

Ingredient Quantity Calories Protein Carbs Fat Cost
Oats 60g 215 6.6g 37g 4.9g Ksh 22
Peanut butter 30g 185 8.5g 3.6g 15.2g Ksh 12
1 Banana 90g 80 1.0g 20.7g 0.3g Ksh 10
Whey Protein 80 25g 95 19.0g 1.5g 1.5g Ksh 85
Creatine Monohydrate (optional) 5g 0 0g 0g 0g Ksh 23
Whole milk 350ml 225 11.9g 16.8g 12.3g Ksh 35
Total (excl. Creatine) 550g 800 47g 80g 34g Ksh 164


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